Written by Leah Miles
Directed by Nate Bertone
The New England Premiere

Sunday, July 17 4pm-8pm
Monday, July 18 6pm-9pm

STC is thrilled to be presenting an original work this fall. Written by Leah Miles and directed by Nate Bertone ENTANGLED is a fascinating psychological thriller set right here in New England.

To sign up to audition please complete the form below and choose your first and second preferred time slots. Auditions will take place on Sunday, July 17 from 4pm-8pm and Monday, July 18 from 6pm--9pm at First Church in Salem, 316 Essex Street, downtown Salem. ***Please take note of your preferred time slot. You will be put in your first preferred slot but we will not be sending confirmation emails. If we are unable to accommodate you will receive an email regarding your second preferred slot. Thank you!

Plot synopsis and character descriptions are below. ENTANGLED is a contemporary original work so please prepare a one minute contemporary monologue in the style of the character you are interested in. Refrain from style pieces such as Shakespeare. Arrive ten minutes early to complete an audition form and remember to bring a resume and headshot with you. Be prepared to list ALL conflicts between August 29 and September 17. Tech week begins September 18. The show will run September 21 through October 1 and Wednesdays through Saturdays with matinees on Saturdays and Sunday.

In ENTANGLED, as in life, our darkest secrets always find their way to the light. Sometimes this light disarms them, diffusing their potency. And sometimes the light catches the cracks and the dirty corners, breathing life back into those dormant memories. And no matter how much we try to rewrite history, the truth always finds a way to muscle through the lies. Two best friends, Ian and Scott along with Hillary, the woman Ian loves, find themselves trapped in an impossible predicament: un-knowing what they know. And so, on a stormy new year’s eve on the secluded Peaks Island in Maine, our characters find themselves trapped by the snow and the avalanche of horrible realities they’ve been trying to hide from one another over the years. Everyone’s secrets are revealed. No one is safe from blame. And someone will not make it off the island alive.

CHARACTERS: Roles can be played by anyone 21 years old up.

IAN: Early 30’s, handsome man, newly wed to Hillary, childhood best friend to Scott, works in advertising, great at his job, an only child from a wealthy family, father was a doctor who was emotionally unavailable to his family, mother left a career as an accomplished writer to be a stay-at-home-parent-turned-alcoholic, both deceased. He is a former, one time patient of Hillary’s.

HILLARY: Late 30’s, plain features, newly wed to Ian, an LICSW who now specializes in child and family trauma, dedicated to her job, survived growing up in a foster home with her two sisters, has always been strong-willed and guarded, Ian has softened that somehow. She stopped treatments with Ian after their first session.

SCOTT: Early 30’s, doesn’t care about appearances, fiercely devoted childhood friend to Ian, works many odd jobs as an artist, gifted illustrator, loves magic, an only child who comes from a traumatic upbringing. An undiagnosed, high functioning sociopath.
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Auditions will be held at First Church in Salem, 316 Essex Street in Salem. Rehearsals and performances will take place at Salem Theatre Company which is now located at 35 Congress Street (Shetland Park). We are a 15 minute walk from the commuter rail and located on the MBTA line. When arriving we are in the first white building at Shetland Park directly on Congress Street. Parking is readily available. We on the third floor in the first space off the elevator or at the top of the stairs.