Auditions: Sunday, Dec. 13 and Monday, Dec. 14.
Callbacks: Wed, Dec. 16

In a scorching new text by Ben Power from the National Theatre in London comes the enduring story of Medea. After ending up in exile after sacrificing everything she knows and loves for Jason, he abandons her and their children. Cornered she exacts a revenge like none other and destroys everything she loves. Medea is the story of a woman who will stop at nothing to take her life back. 

Nurse to Medea’s sons
Kreon, King of Corinth
Aegeus, King of Athens
Jason’s Attendant
The Chorus: Women of Corinth
Medea’s Two Sons: 7 years old, 10 years old. 

Looking to cast a collaborative group of actors diverse in age, culture and experience.

Rehearsals begin January 4. 
Tech week begins Sunday, March 6.
Performances Thursday through Sunday March 10 - 26.