Congratulations to Salem Theatre nominees Matthew Gray (Best Sound Design)  and Marc St. Pierre (Best Actor) thank you to ArtsImpulse for the nomination! 

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2014 ArtsImpulse Theatre Award Nominees

Each year, Boston theatre becomes more impressive.  New theatre companies diversify the available productions and established companies flex their artistic muscles to expand the repertory of theatre in the Greater Boston area. 

In 2014, we had over 100 productions to consider for awards and accolades.  The decisions were, therefore, difficult and close.  Many of these productions were viewed as Staff Writers for My Entertainment World’s My Theatre (Boston) –  We were fortunate to see community theatres produce excellent and challenging musicals and plays, universities produce new and familiar works, small and mid-sized theatre companies perform in a multitude of venues, and professional artists continue to delight and surprise with their performances. 

Anything that was reviewed between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014 was eligible for nomination, and the nominees were selected from discussions with various reviewers and collaborators. 

Voting will be a mix of editor selections and reader voting.  If you would like to cast your vote(s), you may:

Awards will be presented at the First Annual ArtsImpulse Theatre Awards Gala in the Spring.  More details are forthcoming, so watch our Facebook, Twitter, and website!