As the Artistic Director of STC I am not often vocal about how passionate I am about this company. Mostly because I am so busy running it!

Salem Theatre Company is not just a place I work. It is a place that lives in my heart and soul and has for many years. Countless artists have committed countless hours to STC for nearly 15 years. In fact, 2017 will mark year 15 of this company creating live theatre right here in Salem! Fifteen years! During that time we have told stories that range from hilarious to ridiculous to heart wrenching and heart warming. We have seen thousands of people cross our various doorways over the years. I have personally been witness to lives being changed - on stage and off - at Salem Theatre Company. I have watched the company grow artistically and physically over the last decade. What began with a two show season in a school auditorium has evolved into a theatre that produces five main stages a year, including musicals and new works in 2017; a staged reading series; a workshop series; a summer camp; various educational partnerships; and countless other events and offerings!

And we have at least another 15 years in us...but not without your help.

I invite you to be a part of Salem Theatre Company's narrative.

Our goal of $50,000 is a lot, but it's not impossible. Our Indiegogo Campaign is picking up momentum and the contributions are coming in; and our online giving via our website has just received a $1,500 contribution as well. Additionally, there are more pledges coming in as I type! And all of this is also being supported by a newly forming Board of Trustees committed to the fiscal health and future of STC.

When this campaign succeeds you will get to see a stronger and improved STC - and it will be thanks to you!

If you are able I invite you to kick off this season of giving by making a contribution to Salem Theatre Company today!

We hope to see you through our doors soon. Wishing my best to all.

Catherine Bertrand
Artistic Director
Salem Theatre Company