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silhouette-of-woman-and-man,-old-window-151691Said Wicked Deeds

A Staged Reading

Monday, September 22nd 7:30pm

at The First Church in Salem
316 Essex Street
Salem, MA 01970
Said Wicked Deeds A modern voicing of the original 1692 witch trial transcripts by the Salem Theatre Playwrights, novelists, filmmakers, and academics the world over have found inspiration (and titillation) in our Salem Witch Trials. There is no shortage of derivative projects inspired by the events that have shaped our community over the past 300 years. Rather than sensationalizing for tourists, Said Wicked Deeds is rooted in primary sources, offering an opportunity to reclaim our own story, proclaiming and revealing the tragicomic realities of our neighbors, 300 years removed. Musical interludes will connect evocative interpretive readings. Said Wicked Deeds will be in the tradition of the Elevator Repair Company’s Arguenda, or 8 a work of “verbatim theatre” portraying the closing arguments of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the federal trial that led to the overturn of Proposition 8—an amendment eliminating rights of same-sex couples to marry in California. Developing a new work of this historical, cultural, and creative significance takes time and money. It is our intent over the course of our twelfth season to continue to develop this original work as a perennial touchstone for our Company and community.  A reception and opportunity for feedback will follow.

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